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Product Returns

Please do not accept package if it is opened or damaged. If opened or damaged shipment is delivered without your signature, please inspect the order. Immediately file a report with your local post office if any item is missing or damaged. Please email us a copy of the report so we can submit a claim for you.The investigation period for lost or unreceived order is at least 1 month for EMS and Air Register is 2 months from the inquiry date. Refund policy is not applied at any case including items damaged, lost etc. Otherwise, insurance should be applied.

In any cases, the parcel may return to us with one of the following reasons.

  1.    1.   Unclaimed (>90% ** All Parcel will be returned if they are unclaimed within 14 days upon arrival.)
  2.    2.   Insufficient Address
  3.    3.   Moved, Left No Address
  4.    4.   Returned For Better Address
  5.    5.   No Such Street or Number
  6.    6.   Not Deliverable As Addressed Unable to forward
  7.    7.   No Mail Receptacle
  8.    8.   Vacant
  9.    9.   Refused
  10.    10. Attempted - Not Known
  11.    11. Box Closed - No Order

Disregarding any reasons, the Company will be charged the return delivery cost by our local Post Office for all undelivered or unclaimed parcels. The customer should be responsible for return delivery charge and re-shipment charge if parcels or goods returned "UNCLAIM" or due to address related problem.