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Shipping Information

We have solid experience enables us to provide you a safe, smooth and easy transportation for worldwide orders. Usually orders will go out within 1-2 business days via registered Airmail or EMS offered by Hong Kong Post Office Methods of shipment could be selected from shopping car and relevant postal charge will be displayed accordingly.

Shipping Tracking

Express Mail (EMS)

Tracking number ( EExxxxxxxxxHK )

3-7 days with online check status

(Choosing Express Mail / Priority is depends on your country.)

Registered AirMail

Tracking number ( RBxxxxxxxxxHK )

7-14 days tracking number ( Can’t trace on-line)

Parcel Mail

Tracking number ( CPxxxxxxxxxHK )

7-14 days tracking number ( Can’t trace on-line)

NO TRACKING facility is available for air parcel in most countries. Some countries may have limited tracking capability AFTER the package arrived the destination country. Orders shipped via Air Register are at customer's risk.

Please click on the following link for tracking information: